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P165 - Large PIN - One Percenter - 1% Biker

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  • Measurements: approx. 3,5 x 6 cm

*Comes with pin back as shown.

  1. A member of the top one percent of a population by wealth, ability, etc. (same as the ninety-ninth percentile); especially in a society with high wealth inequality.
  2. (comedy) An esoteric joke which is unlikely to be appreciated by a general audience.
  3. One who seeks or is granted honor far greater than their perceived contribution would warrant.
  4. One who wishes to be recognized for an idea without putting forth the "ninety-nine percent perspiration" needed to implement that idea.
  5. An outlaw biker, such as a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club.

** Don't trust the simple pin back ?? Check out our PIN GRIPS!

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