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Gasoline - Magnet Set - Garage & Pin Up

SKU: HD-01
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Magnet-Set "Best Garage", Set of 9

The metal door of your fridge makes an ideal magnetic memo board. After all, virtually every home has a fridge, and most of us need a place to "pin" the occasional reminder note, postcard, timetable, photo or interesting item cut out of the newspaper. Even more importantly, you're sure to see it each time you walk into the kitchen. But what you may not have is attractive magnets which are strong enough as well as decorative. Like this *Best Garage* magnet set.

It comprises 9 magnets with a high-quality shiny finish and features various retro motifs, complete with a handy gift box (70 x 93 x 20 mm). These magnets on the reverse side are large enough and strong enough to hold several notes securely in place. Also suitable for a magnetic board in the office or clubhouse, or on a metal shelf in your garage/workshop.

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