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MA-I Flight Jacket - Motorjacket - Bomber - Protection - DARK CAMOUFLAGE

€ 295,00 € 125,00 (including VAT)
  • Unisex! For both men and women!!
  • Color: dark camouflage
  • Materials: 100% Para-Aramide (+ heavy army cotton) 
  • Sizes: XS - S 

We use Para-Aramide - a fiber that has a higher level than well-known aramid polymers such as Kevlar, Twaron, Nomex, New Star, and Teijinconex.

  • Red interior! 

We decided to make our own Full Protection Bomberjacket in original MA1-style under our private label: 

Dark Camouflage Model in High Quality Cordura / Red Quilted Lining / CE protector ready

A casual looking protective bomber jacket made for riding. Modern high-tech materials provide unmatched comfort and ultimate protection while riding a motorcycle. But why not on other wild action sports like Mountain biking, Snowboarding, Skating, etc.

The revolutionary high-tech para-aramide lining and the optional protectors protect the wearer from injuries, in a better way then a standard motorcycle jacket will.
The red quilted lining, instead of cheap orange nylon,  makes it more comfortable.
The optional "5-point" protector-system (shoulders, elbows and back) can give you extra protection against injuries. Order this at the same time and you will get a nice discount.

  • 100% para-aramide lining (Complete, 220-280gsm)
  • "5-point" System Protector Bags (shoulder, elbow and back)
  • Lined with mesh material for comfort and breathability
  • 2 zipped outer pockets
  • 2 large (7" tablet)  inner pockets
  • Weight: approx. 650 g

If you want them, order this set separately. 

For men, these are the same sizes as your sweaters.
For the ladies..
The girl, on these pictures, wears an XXS.
(She's 86-84-105, in a normal store a Medium, in H&M a 36-38, in Primark a 12.)

XXS+/- 43 cm+/- 53 cm+/- 59 cm
XS+/- 44 cm+/- 55 cm+/- 60 cm
S+/- 45 cm+/- 57 cm+/- 61 cm
M+/- 45 cm+/- 59 cm+/- 62 cm
L+/- 46 cm+/- 61 cm+/- 64 cm
XL+/- 47 cm+/- 63 cm+/- 65 cm
XXL+/- 48 cm+/- 65 cm+/- 66 cm
XXXL+/- 49 cm+/- 67 cm+/- 67 cm
XXXXL+/- 50 cm+/- 69 cm+/- 71 cm

Introduced by the mid-1950s, the MA-1 became the flight jacket of U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots and ground crew. Designed for use in temperatures of 14-50 degrees F, the MA-1 had a 100% wool knit collar, waistband and cuffs. The MA-1 discarded the mouton fur collar of its predecessor, the B-15, because it interfered with the parachute harness worn by aviators. Other features of the jacket included a tab that the oxygen mask was clipped to, tabs to hold the headset wires in place and the original U.S. Air Force decal. These features were eventually removed from the flight jacket as it was adopted by other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and equipment for pilots changed. An addition to the jacket in 1960 was the reversibility to show off an Indian Orange lining. The reason being if a plane crashed, the pilot could reverse the jacket to the orange side to signal rescue personnel.  
The jacket has evolved over the years but it is still one of our top sellers and today we produce many variations on this classic flight jacket.

(The girl in the picture wears an XXS, she's 87-84-105 and has an M in normal stores.)

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